With interest in Destiny 2 seemingly having dropped off greatly since launch, developer Bungie continues to work on revamping the game. Following the first DLC and subsequent updates meant to address fan complaints, another major update is now being rolled out that makes some significant changes--including letting players generally deal more damage and move more quickly.

Full patch notes for update 1.1.4, which is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, have been released, and they are quite extensive. As outlined in a recent video (below), Bungie wants players to feel more empowered. To accomplish this, PvE damage for numerous weapon types has been increased, in some cases significantly--shotguns deal 35% more, linear fusion rifles deal 50% more, and sniper rifles deal either 20% more (against yellow bar enemies) or 40% more (against red bar enemies). These buffs coincide with other weapon balance tweaks, like being able to store more ammo and increasing accuracy or aim assist. Specific weapons and perks also see adjustments.

Each class has also been touched to varying degrees; Hunter's Arc Staff Super and Warlock's Dawnblade Super should be more effective, and the various Warlock glide abilities have been improved. All players, regardless of class, will now get their Super more frequently, and the so-called melee Supers--Fist of Havoc, Sentinel Shield, and Arc Staff--each enjoy a movement speed boost.

It's not just those Supers that see a bump in movement speed, though. Bungie says it's increased the "output of every increment of the Mobility stat, from 2-10." Provided you invest in that stat, it allows for "a significant boost in player speed."

Unique rewards are being introduced for Nightfalls, presenting you with Legendary weapons and Exotic accessories that can be earned only from specific missions. You'll also no longer face the same Nightstrike back-to-back when playing through a Strike playlist. And, in another extremely welcome change, Exotic repetition has been reduced, and you should no longer ever get the same Exotic when decrypting consecutive Exotic Engrams.

Crucible has also been updated in a variety of ways. You should see maps repeated less often, and Iron Banner is now 6v6, as was the case with standard Crucible matches in the first Destiny. Quickplay matches now have a 10-minute time limit (with score limit adjustments to match). Power ammo will spawn more quickly in Control, Clash, and Supremacy matches, and you'll be able to obtain Power ammo by killing a player who is carrying it in any mode. Now, when someone with Power ammo dies, they'll lose all of it, and 50% of what they had will drop on the ground for 30 seconds for anyone to pick up.

Source: GameSpot