Bungie has kicked off the latest Iron Banner event in Destiny 2. While change is afoot for the mode (as well as Crucible and the game in general), this one will play out in a manner that players will have become accustomed to. That said, there are some new rewards to get your hands on.

Iron Banner is now live once again, and the game type is Clash. The mode runs from now until the weekly reset on March 13, giving you a full week to get your hands on the new rewards. You can see a selection of Curse of Osiris-exclusive items in the gallery below; this includes three weapons that you can buy directly from Lord Saladin at the Tower for Legendary Shards and Iron Banner Tokens: Jorum's Claw (pulse rifle), Orimund's Anvil (auto rifle), and Orewing's Maul (grenade launcher). These are available alongside a full set of armor for each class.

Moreover, this Iron Banner carries over the progress made during the previous event. This means you can continue working toward unlocking the armor ornaments that were offered before without having to start from scratch. These require you to do things like claim rewards, defeat enemies, complete milestones, win matches, and secure kills with grenades or melee attacks.

Bungie recently announced that following the upcoming 1.1.4 update, Iron Banner will revert to the 6v6 team size of the first Destiny. Alongside this change, matches will run for 12 minutes with a score limit of 125 points. Control zones will start off unclaimed and take "slightly longer to capture by default." The more players that attempt to capture a point, the faster progress will go (up to a maximum of three players). Those who capture zones will also receive bonus Super energy.

Source: GameSpot