Next week’s Red Dead Online update is set to add anti-griefing measures and daily challenges to the game, but Rockstar Games has announced another slate of additions that will be coming with the Feb. 26 patch. This includes balance changes, two new weapons, and tweaks to existing weapons, including the Varmint Rifle. Here are the biggest additions to the game that Rockstar announced today.

New free roam events, races, and showdown modes will be entering the game. The most interesting of these is Fool’s Gold, a mission where players compete to wear a protective set of golden armor. Claiming the armor and surviving while wearing it grants players points. Killing the armor also awards a bounty of points to players.

Competitive challenges are also getting fishing challenges. Fishing challenges will be broken up by type, and players will opt in and receive the bait, rod, and lures necessary to properly compete. Players who are participating in fishing challenges are kept safe from griefing, ensuring that players can focus on just catching fish. Whoever catches the highest weight total of fish wins.


Showdown is getting three new modes: Up in Smoke, Spoils of War, and Plunder. More information on these modes will be released in the days to come. Races will also get a new variation, Target Races, where players shoot targets from horseback as they ride towards the finish line.

Finally, a range of new cosmetic add-ons are coming to the game. A wide range of clothing options in all slots are on the way, as well as new outfits. Shops and the catalogue will start offering limited time special items. There’ll also be a selection of new emotes that cover greetings, reactions, and taunts.

Some of this content will be made available for PlayStation 4 players first. Open target races, a new jawbone knife, three options, and a selection of the new clothing will be a PS4 exclusive for a timed window, then made available for Xbox One players.

Source: Polygon