Treyarch has released a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 trailer for the game's upcoming content drop, titled Operation Spectre Rising. The new Operation introduces a brand-new Specialist, as well as new features in Black Ops 4's different multiplayer modes.

The new Specialist is called Spectre. Armed with a sharp katana, Spectre is able to approach groups of enemies and quickly leap between them to deliver devastating slashes. They can also see the outlines of enemies through their smoke grenades, allowing them to get the drop on targets. Spectre will also be added to Blackout as a new skin for your character.

Three new maps drop in Operation Spectre Rising as well. Artifact is a collection of narrow paths that weave between a collection of rocks and cliffs. You can stay hidden down below, but have the chance of running into an enemy hiding behind a corner, or take the high ground at the cost of exposing yourself. Masquerade is a new metropolitan map that intermixes back alleys with large open spaces that are populated by festival decorations you can use as cover. Finally, WMD comes to Black Ops 4 in the new Operation as well, which is a remaster of the map of the same name from the original Black Ops.

The Blackout map receives a huge update in Operation Spectre Rising. Much like how Fortnite's map transforms over time, the original map in Call of Duty's battle royale mode is undergoing a change, nicknamed Wetworks. The dam that marked the top of Blackout will be destroyed, allowing all the water behind it to flood into the rest of the map. This sees all of the shipping containers at shipyard get washed out to sea, and for many of the areas at lower elevations to become flooded. This provides greater utility to boats and helicopters in Blackout, as many pathways on the map can now only be traversed by going through or over water.

Operation Spectre Rising also adds new characters to play as in Blackout battle royale, new game modes (Bounty Hunter, Prop Hunt, and Zombie Gauntlets), and new weapons (Ballistic Knife, Tigershark LMG, Nifo'oti Club), outfits, and weapon charms and camos. The Operation goes live on April 30 on PS4, and follows on Xbox One and PC at a later date.

Source: GameSpot