Looking for something new to play in Battlefield 1 beyond the standard modes? DICE has now added the newest Custom Game, this one focused on close-quarter combat with shotguns.

This gametype, called Eye to Eye, is set on the Amiens map. As explained by DICE in a blog post, it's a "fast-paced" mode that only allows you to play as the Assault class. What's more, you only have a shotgun, and there is no regenerative health or revival possibilities.

"The strategy is simple: kill or be killed," DICE says.

You can find the Eye to Eye mode in Battlefield 1's Custom Games tab in the multiplayer menu.

Eye to Eye is not Battlefield 1's first Custom Game; one called Line of Sight was released earlier this month. Battlefield 1's Custom Games aren't as refined as the main modes like Conquest and Rush, but they're a nice way to mix things up if you're getting tired of the regular modes.

In other news, a massive Battlefield 1 update came out this week, making a series of weapon and item balance changes. The update also added the free DLC map, Giant's Shadow, though it's only available now for Battlefield Premium members and those who bought the Early Enlister edition.

Source: GameSpot