Ark: Survival Evolved's latest expansion, Aberration, is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, after being delayed from its intended October release date. Developer Studio Wildcard says the DLC pack adds another map, a new storyline, "dozens" of additional creatures, and "more than 50 new items to craft."

The add-on takes place on "a damaged Ark whose internal atmosphere has leaked away." The result of this is a harsh landscape with "a plethora of lush underground biomes containing all-new exotic creatures and items to be acquired." You can see a glimpse of this strange world in the trailer above.

Players who've purchased the game's Explorer's Edition or season pass will receive Aberration at no additional cost; for everyone else, it will set you back $20 (approximately £16 / AU $27). Owners of the Explorer's Edition will also receive a few additional perks in the form of Aberration-themed cosmetic items, such as the Aberration Helmet and Aberration Sword.

Aberration is the second expansion for Ark: Survival Evolved, following the desert-themed Scorched Earth pack that released last year. The base game, meanwhile, launched in August after being playable in early access for two years. Our critic, Brett Todd, said the final game possesses an "outstanding sense of place," but he also thought it "requires a strong level of commitment that is not for everyone."



Source: GameSpot