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Neversoft Behind Next Call of Duty Game


Neversoft, a studio better known for their Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero developments, is a confirmed contributor and developer in the Call of Duty franchise. Whilst Treyarch busily hammers away at Black Ops 2, chiseling away imperfections and flaws, reports flow as Sledgehammer is unexpectedly already working on the Call of Duty installment to follow Black Ops 2; now Neversoft is to be added to that list.

It is irrevocable that Neversoft is bound to be sporting a co-developer helm alongside core developer Sledgehammer in the untitled Call of Duty addition to the franchise, for it is quite unlikely Neversoft would be working on a stand alone Call of Duty game. Information can easily be unraveled on Neversoft's website relevant to their endeavor to seriously undertake such a task calling for seasoned professionals to work on a franchise quintessential to the First Person Shooter genre. Neversoft is currently seeking the aid of a Lead Multiplayer Level Designer, Lead Single-Player Level Designer, Level Designer, Master Technical Animator, Senior Concept Artist, Senior Environment Artist, Single Player Design Scripter and Senior Level Designer.

Aside from the minuscule tidbits of information concerning the upcoming, untitled Call of Duty package, the game industry is practically in the dark with what Sledgehammer and now Neversoft is cooking up behind closed doors. Many are surprised at the simple fact Sledgehammer is hastily diverting most, if not all, attention away from Modern Warfare 3 and onto this new development. Mind you Modern Warfare 3 has only been out for a mere seven months with most of its content drops and full ELITE functionality only being serviceable for a meager four months. Such a whimsical and curtailed life span as exhibited by Modern Warfare 3 is unprecedented at the least.

What are your opinions towards the unusual nature of Modern Warfare 3's lifetime and Neversoft filling the void left by Infinity Ward? Will Neversoft successfully set forth a marvelous stage of excellence alongside Sledgehammer, or will a tumbling disaster be created from a perhaps mismatched pair?

Source: http://se7ens.in/KH8nro
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