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Nevermind: A Game That Changes Based on Your Emotions

Affectiva is a tech company that prides themselves on making software that can track your facial expressions and emotions. They are aiming to...
  1. Deadpool
    Affectiva is a tech company that prides themselves on making software that can track your facial expressions and emotions. They are aiming to expand their horizons into the video game market, with their first attempt at that being a game called Nevermind. The psychological thriller game with horror elements will monitor the players' reactions and adjust the difficulty accordingly. The more frightened the player gets, the harder the game will become.

    This Tuesday an updated version of Nevermind will begin using a webcam to monitor the players expressions and the fright on their faces. The game and webcam will take notice as players progress through levels, and respond according to which emotion they are portraying. An example being, an unexpected stressful challenge such as trapping players in a threatening environment, forcing them to keep their cool as they play their way out of it.

    "It's a stress management tool disguised as a game," said Erin Reynolds, the founder of Flying Mollusk, the studio behind the game. The twist being that: the more frightened the player becomes, the harder and scarier the game will be. She hopes there will be practical value behind it all. “When you’re in traffic or about to go into a stressful meeting, you can manage your emotions in the real world.”

    Come Tuesday, this will certainly be something to keep an eye out for. With a whole new element at play, the gameplay will certainly be interesting to watch. If you have a webcam and heart-rate monitors and want to try something different, this might be right up your alley. Maybe in the future, this game, or ones similar to it will be playable with Virtual Reality headsets. The technology behind gaming is truly changing and growing at an unprecedented rate.


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  1. Goat Sniffer
    Sounds like the game that ender found in Ender's Game great movie.
  2. MadPenguinHatter
    I'm definitely interested to see how well this works if it is only reading your facial expressions.
  3. AlienFreek01
    That's pretty sweet... This will be a really cool game. Hopefully it works as well as to be thought
  4. ZacOnCrac
    This seems a little rapey for the few of us that get scared of anything and everything.
    "Oh, your heartbeat is rising? Let's throw some more jumpscares at you!"
    1. hoopsure
      Yea... Like they're trying to kill you... lol
  5. denz
    If I owned a Web cam I would try to play this game with a poker face :smile:))
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    2. Deadpool
      I've never even heard of one
    3. Deadpool
      "Let me go for a run while I'm connected to my PC."
    4. denz
      Yeah. Gotta get my pulse while shreking noobs
  6. televisedfool
    This sounds really interesting and unique. Am interested in seeing how well the reception is and possibly trying it out myself.. Just need to find a heart-rate monitor.. definitely not something I ever thought I would need for a video game. :roflmao:
  7. 3xTiNcT
    Sounds kind of cool but I don't know how I'd feel with the game watching me. It would be cool to see this idea implemented into other games.
  8. Red58
    What happens if you're a robot?
      Deadpool likes this.
    1. Skepta
      This should be easy for you
  9. Stocks
    This looks creepy af
  10. Liberation
    Well then, I might have to invest in this.