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Netflix Hiking Up Prices Next Month for Some Users

Netflix will be increasing their prices for some of their users. If you're still one of the lucky folk who are paying $7.99 or $8.99 a month, your...
  1. Crooks

    Over the years, Netflix has increased the pricing for their plans moderately, and it was never a big deal. Netflix is now planning on raising the prices again, just so that everyone is on the same playing field. Most of you may not know this, but if you were a Netflix subscriber during the times where they raised their prices, you actually got to keep your previous monthly rate and you didn't have to switch.

    New subscribers have to pay $9.99 a month for the standard Netflix plan which allows you to stream on two different devices simultaneously. If you were already a subscriber before, you're probably paying $7.99 or $8.99. Starting May 10th, all members who are subscribed to the standard plan will be paying $9.99, so in some cases, your bill might go up around $1.99 monthly.

    It is estimated that this move will impact around 17 million people who are currently using Netflix. This mounts up to around 37% of Netflix users, and 80% of those 17 million people didn't even know that this move was coming. To check if you will be impacted in any way, you can check your profile through the Netflix website. What do you think? Are you going to be hit with a price increase? Leave your thoughts below!


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  1. boonk
    I love it when you're Grandfathered in.:tongue:
  2. GearzyTV
    And people wonder why torrents and free-streams steal the market.
      Tecnica likes this.
  3. Sm0k3d 0uT
    Usenet. Past, Present and Future
      Tecnica likes this.
    1. Tecnica
      which service you using? I used to use giganews a long time ago
    2. Sm0k3d 0uT
      I use newshosting, retention is right behind Giganews and it's only $10/month
      Tecnica likes this.
  4. rghZane
    I might as well up my broadband package for extra GB's a month and just go back to streaming on Google tbh.
  5. Revonix v
    Honestly, they don't really need the money. Netflix finds out how much they have grown and how much they can make with price raises. More money=more happiness, right? Netflix just wants the money. OR they are raising prices to make deals with companies. Companies want high priced contracts to air there shows on Netflix. Viacom International Inc owns spongebob and there rights, when the contract with netflix ran out, they didnt renew there contract. Since Viacom International Inc shows are in such demand, maybe netflix is attempting to get the contract back. Have a good day!:smile::thumbsup:
  6. AlienFreek01
    Ooo an extra couple bucks. Gotta get rid of Netflix now
  7. Wavy
    I pay for the $11.99 4 screens + Ultra HD so this doesn't effect me, but it seems that the payment method I am on is much more plausible now seeing as the standard is literally only going to be $2 less soon.
  8. Ysgramor
    They need new content since they're getting millions of dollars in extra revenue.
  9. Reedradar
    Better than in a contract with like Dish or Xfinity or Directv. $30 a month compared to $11.99 isnt that bad. I have the standard fee of $8 a month
  10. Cosmic Lightning
    Hmm. If they update their damn movie library, it might be worth it. If not I've been thinking of getting rid of it. Its not like I use it a lot anymore anyway. Similar reason to not having tv, just boring sh@t on everywhere.
      JoinTheResistance likes this.