The NES Classic Edition is Nintendo's latest nostalgia filled gaming console, which is set to be released November 11th. There are already add-on's being announced, such as this impressive wireless controller, which should combat the issue of the incredibly short wired controller that comes bundled with the console.

In Peter Brown of Gamespot's review of the NES Classic Edition, he said that the cables on the retro re-released console’s controllers were “unreasonably short.” Well, Nyko has a solution in its new Miniboss controller, a wireless clone of the NES gamepad.

Available for $19.99, the Nyko Miniboss controller uses “SPACE-AGE Cordless Technology” to allow you to move 30 feet away from your tiny new retro console, instead of the 31 inches the pack-in controllers provide.

A wireless dongle is simply attached to the controller port on the front of the NES Classic Edition, and the controller itself looks like it can be charged via a micro-USB port. We’ll know for sure once the controller hits stores on November 11.

The NES Classic Edition comes with 30 games built-in, and will be available to purchase from November 11th.

Source: GameSpot