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Need for Speed Pre-Order DLC and Deluxe Edition Leaked


Yesterday, many gamers were excited when EA unveiled the upcoming game, Need for Speed. Today, we got even more exciting news about the game because a reliable source informed us of three different packs you can get via pre-ordering the game.

The first two are named “Styling Pack” and “Performance Pack”. At this point in time, it is unclear as to what the exact content of the packs will be. Based on the naming though, one pack seems to provide players with cosmetic content, while the other helps them with the performance of their cars.

In addition to these two packs, which seem to be available for all fans who pre-order the game, there is also a piece of DLC titled “Deluxe Edition Content”. If the Need for Speed deluxe edition is anything like the Rivals deluxe edition, it will likely include cosmetic and game changing content. The Rivals deluxe edition also included two free games, but it seems unlikely that EA will do the same deal again.

It is no surprise that EA will be offering incentives for gamers to pre-order Need for Speed. It is, however, a bit unsettling that they are planning to release a “performance” pack, because it sounds like this could potentially put pre-order players at an unfair advantage. To be fair, we don’t know what exactly the content includes and there is no guarantee it will actually get released. Fortunately, we will likely find out more information on June 15th when the game is fully revealed at E3.
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