Earlier this year, Need for Speed Payback developer Ghost Games announced it was adding a free roam-mode to the open-world racing game as a free update. The update is slated to roll out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC very soon, on February 13, and it will be accompanied by an assortment of new items and other improvements.

The fan-requested free-roam mode is called Alldrive: Hangout, and it lets players freely explore Fortune Valley or simply show off their cars with friends. "This is the place where you'll be going when you want an impromptu car meet with your friends, the place to take cool Snapshots of your crew, and the place for you to just cruise the streets (and off-road)," Ghost said on the game's official website.

In addition to Alldrive, tomorrow's update introduces new items called Catch-up packs. These allow players to speed up the progression of their cars. The packs come in three varieties--level 6, level 11, and level 16--that are unlocked after reaching certain points in the game's campaign, and they can be purchased with in-game currency. A level 6 packs costs 71,400; a level 11 pack costs 131,00; and a level 16 pack runs for 180,000.

Ghost is also adding new Underglow and Tire Smoke variations, and players will soon have the ability to sell or trade-in all unequipped Speed Cards. Finally, the update makes some tweaks to Payback's Snapshot Pro mode. Most notably, the developer has increased how far you can move the camera away from your car when taking a screenshot. Players can also now snap photos while in a takedown sequence.

More details about the new update are available on EA's website.

Source: GameSpot