Need For Speed DLC to be Substantial and Free

EA is planning to release a substantial amount of free DLC for Need For Speed. In an interview with the creative director Craig Sullivan, all...
  1. Aydind
    EA is planning to release a substantial amount of free DLC for Need For Speed. In an interview with Creative Director Craig Sullivan, all future content is set to be completely free with no intentions of changing their minds. The reasoning behind this plan is to focus on listening to what the fans are asking for. Nothing is more important than keeping all your fans happy so they could play the game more often when it releases. Craig also stated that there are no microtransactions in the game and that the highly anticipated free DLC and content will be coming very soon.

    Even though EA has not announced any further detail on the future content, earlier this year Executive Producer, Marcus Nilsson, stated that they have pretty significant plans to keep players engaged before launch. These free DLCs are going to be completely different from the previous Need For Speed games as they offer new content such as online challenges with friends and other new features.

    Need for Speed is set to launch on Xbox One and PS4 this Thursday, November 5. It will not be available for last generation consoles, but a PC version is set to be released in spring 2016. What do you think of the plans? Do you think releasing these DLCs will hurt or help the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. V7X3
    Hopefully that DLC includes a manual transmission and a revamped steering system..
  2. 3xTiNcT
    Still not sure about getting it but it's nice there's going to be free dlc.
    Truck DLC? Plz
  4. RocketBunny
    Im already a lvl 50 and have my garage full with 5 cars xD I am loving this game
      Salus likes this.
  5. Vegeta
    I been playing the game and its soooo sick, and now this, so bless.
      joelrocks987, frostyDdopeman and 711 like this.
  6. Durva
    EA giving free dlc?
      frostyDdopeman likes this.
  7. 711
    bring on the JDM :biggrin: :biggrin:
      frostyDdopeman likes this.
  8. televisedfool
    I'll believe it when I see it. This is EA we are talking about.
  9. Salus
    It actually came out today ( Nov 3) and the devs already said that they aren't doing paid dlc at all