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Need for Speed Coming to PC Next Month


Need for Speed
has been out for a little while now on the PS4 and Xbox One. It was launched on November 3rd for those consoles. After a few months of waiting, it seems as if we'll finally be able to enjoy this reboot of the classic series on our PC's, as the release date for the PC edition of Need for Speed has been revealed.

Players will be able to get their hands on Need for Speed starting on March 15, 2016, or in other words, in just over a month from now. EA announced this earlier today through a PC reveal video released by them. What's interesting is that the trailer was composed of clips taken entirely in-engine so what you see in the trailer is what you'll be getting. The video also confirmed that the game will support controllers and racing wheels, something that is to be expected from a release like this.

EA also gave us some more information about how the PC version of the game will run, and it definitely makes it seem like it was worth the extra wait. The game will be able to run at up to a 4k resolution, with an entirely unlocked frame rate. This means that the game is virtually perfect in terms of how it is expected to perform, the only thing that would prove otherwise at this point is the hardware that you're running in your system, and how it may degrade from the games true potential.

Some other things that EA also announced is that Origin Access members will be able to begin playing the game 5 days ahead of release. They also confirmed that manual transmission will be available on the PC version of the game, and that manual transmission will also reach consoles at a later date through an update. What do you think? Are you going to buy this game? Leave your thoughts below!

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