Arcade-y, street basketball experiences have taken to the sidelines for many years, with the more simulation-focused NBA games hogging the spotlight. However, developer Joycity has shown off more of its upcoming 3on3 Freestyle, which looks like it hearkens back to EA's NBA Street games. It releases later this year, and you can sign up for a closed beta right now.

On the PlayStation Blog, Joycity managing director Marc Guerrier talked about 3on3's characters, who each have unique appearances, play styles, moves, tricks, and stories. Each character's story is what inspires their moves and tricks, which come from styles like fast ball handlers, range-shooters, lockdown defenders, and rim guardians. Teams can be comprised of any of the styles, and the players can be swapped on the fly.

The arcade-style basketball game features online and local multiplayer. You'll be able to get together with friends locally, play as a team, and face off against online opponents.

Joycity plans to update 3on3 monthly, with multiple offers for PlayStation Plus subscribers such as discounts on items and a free PS4 theme.

3on3 Freestyle releases Q4 2016 on PS4, but you can try it for yourself in a closed beta before launch. To sign up for the closed beta, all you have to do is go to the 3on3 website, enter the required information, and click submit. It's not clear when the closed beta will start, but you'll likely receive an email if you've been accepted.

Source: GameSpot