NBA 2K20 launched last week, and the release wasn't entirely smooth. Players immediately reported a number of issues, and a Twitter hashtag #fix2k20 even kicked off and caught steam, with players listing off the issues they experienced with the professional basketball game.

Now, the developers have responded. A tweet from the NBA 2K20 account states that "many" of the previously reported launch issues have been fixed through updates. However, the company acknowledged that some issues remain, adding that its team is working "around the clock" to put together another patch that will address the game's most "significant" issues.

One of the most glaring issues with NBA 2K20 is how the PC version's launcher shows the icon for last year's game, NBA 2K19, on the taskbar. Some of the other issues included extended loading times and various instances of bugs and other oddities. The game has "overwhelmingly negative" reviews on Steam.

NBA 2K20 took a step forward this year with its introduction of the WNBA, with 12 teams available to use in the Play Now and Season modes. Some of the league's standout players have been scanned into the game, including Breanna Stewart, while animations and play styles fans will expect to see from the women's league have also been brought in.

EA's competing basketball game, NBA Live 20, was delayed to a later point in 2019. EA Sports says the game is taking a "different approach" this year, but it remains to be seen what that means.

Source: GameSpot