If you didn't get enough of a glimpse at this year's NBA 2K game with its first trailer, you're in luck. 2K has released another gameplay video showcasing NBA 2K18's impressive visuals.

Featuring the song "Shook Ones" by Mobb Deep, which is one of 49 songs on NBA 2K18's soundtrack, the two-minute video is comprised primarily of player celebrations, reactions, and dunks. Much like our previous look at the game, 2K18 continues to impress with its alarmingly accurate versions of the NBA's biggest stars. It even seems to have nailed Lonzo Ball's awkward shooting technique, which is quite the accomplishment.

We've still yet to see a proper view of an actual game being played, but these more cinematic shots do afford us an opportunity to see how accurate players models are. It's also a chance to glimpse some players in their new uniforms--Paul George in a Thunder jersey still doesn't look right quite yet.

The trailer concludes by plugging the upcoming release of The Prelude. This is a free download on PS4 and Xbox One that allows players to create a character and begin playing MyCareer mode. It launches on September 8, while the full game launches on September 19. Those who pre-order the game will get their hands on it four days early, on September 15, as well as some other bonuses.

September 15 is the same day that competitor NBA Live 18 launches. A demo for that game recently became available, and EA Sports is making a strong play to attract fans by discounting pre-orders by 33%.

Source: GameSpot