Virtual reality’s introduction to mainstream video gaming has largely excluded the sports genre, whether for questions of licensing or the fact one can, like, play these sports in reality-reality. But 2K Sports’ NBA 2K series seems poised to deliver a VR experience for PlayStation 4.

That’s per a trophy list leak discovered by Exophase (via Pasta Padre). The 13 achievements don’t speak to the full delivery of NBA 2K17 into virtual reality, but more of a series of mini-games. Party events, three-point shooting challenges and time attack modes are all referenced within them.

Still, this would be the first licensed sports video game to make a dedicated VR offering. My theory has always been that sports and VR are a poor fit, not only because the games they represent are playable in real life, but because virtual reality makes an ordinary player’s limitations more relevant — and the point of sports video games is to play like a superstar. That’s probably why this is being introduced as a set of mini-games first. Down the road, who knows.

Source: Polygon