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Naughty Dog Reveals Upcoming Competitive Changes to Uncharted 4


During a recent Uncharted 4 special livestream event on Twitch, developer Naughty Dog decided to tease some of the upcoming changes and future updates the game would be receiving. Most of the changes are aimed at ranked modes and introducing new content to them, while some of the other changes are geared towards small tweaks based upon community feedback. Even after the release of the major 1.08 update which released a few days ago there is still plenty of more content Naughty Dog has planned for the game for the upcoming seasons. For summer ‘16 they have new maps, game modes, 50+ new skins, 100+ new vanity items, a cinema replay feature and much more. All of this is coming very soon, so stay tuned for more news on what Naughty Dog has planned for the future of Uncharted 4.

As previously mentioned, most of the changes coming will be geared towards Uncharted 4’s ranked multiplayer gameplay. The new map released in the 1.08 update, Sunken Ruins, will be coming to ranked multiplayer no later than next week. After a little bit of testing in the game’s regular mode, Naughty Dog has deemed the map bug and imbalance free. In addition to this, they’re also currently working on making some alterations to the game’s ranked matchmaking feature to ensure that the gap between ranks is much tighter than it currently is. Due to this, Naughty Dog isn’t moving forward with plans to add numbered ranks just yet. They don’t want players to primarily focus on numbers until everything is truly ready in their ideal image for ranked gameplay.

Naughty Dog is also moving forward with bringing more competitive game modes to the game’s ranked multiplayer. With one of their designers drawing inspiration from the popular competitive nature of Call of Duty, they’re hoping having this “insider look” into one of the top e-sports games will give them a boost in refining just how good the multiplayer should be to suit anywhere from your average to your hardcore competitive console gamer. The Lab, a competitive multiplayer playlist from previous Uncharted titles was confirmed by Naughty Dog to be under heavy consideration to have it make a return to Uncharted 4, just as soon as they add all of the game’s core features.

One of the final upcoming changes Naughty Dog brought up during the event was for the trial for the Path of Indria. Many players have complained that the trial was too difficult to complete, so after taking the player feedback into consideration, they decided that they’re going to ease up on the difficulty. More updates will be coming to the game this summer, with the next major update coming in fall 2016. After the long awaited co-op makes its debut this fall, there won’t be any other updates for the game until winter of 2016 according to the roadmap with what seems to be the final round of updates coming in spring of 2017. Stay tuned to the Homepage for more Uncharted 4 news.

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