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My Speculations on Destiny 2


Now that I have had time to fanboy over both the teaser and release trailer of Destiny 2, I wanted to discuss my thoughts on what the sequel will bring to the table and how it will continue the Destiny franchise.

In the teaser trailer, titled "Last Call", we see Cayde-6 as the main protagonist telling a story. His story describes himself, along with Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey, fighting enemies that appear to be Cabal. The fight seems to be happening in the Vanguard Hall as denoted by the table shown at around eleven seconds into the video. The blast seemed sudden, which means I can only assume that this was a surprise attack on the Tower and/or City. The last shot in the teaser shows Cayde walking down a destroyed and battered street that has obviously seen the effects of war.

Within the reveal trailer, titled "Rally The Troops", we see it starting with a wide angle shot of the Traveler closer to the City than usual and ships that are on their way to the City. The Traveler seems to have been damaged, which can be seen by the fire and smoke. The inbound ships are hostile ships since they are seen later in the video alongside what seems to be friendly ships. There also seems to be a new enemy faction that seem to have scale-like armor and may or may not be tied to the Cabal.

The new major boss is named Ghaul and shows similar physical traits to the Cabal, which could just be a coincidence. There are also two "speeches" that are being conducted, one from Zavala alone, and from Ikora and Cayde together. My guess is that they got split up from each other during the fight at the Tower and now are rallying troops for the war in the City.

From what both trailers have showed, I'm assuming that the main storyline will take place in the City and the main enemy faction will be Cabal. Only time will tell until the gameplay reveal next month. If you haven't seen them already, you can watch both trailers below.

Teaser Trailer - Last Call

Reveal Trailer - Rally The Troops

What do you think of the trailers? What do you want to see happen with Destiny 2?
Let me known down in the comments!​
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