Welcome to Dead Star, a fun, fast, arcade-style multiplayer space shooter. Developed by Armature Studios, Dead Star is aiming for exciting and engaging gameplay players will enjoy. The fast-paced combat involves scout ships quickly maneuvering their way through asteroid fields at high speeds, enemies using cloaking devices to perform sneak attacks on you, and more. With intense moments such as frigates bombing areas in missile fire, players will need their skills and strategic choices at their absolute peak to be successful. In addition to the game's top-down style; Dead Star has simple yet responsive controls to make things a littler easier for players.

When you initially start Dead Star, your pilot will have been exiled to an area called the Wastes. The Wastes is pretty much a prison: any citizen who violates the law of the galaxy is banished to the Wastes. The Wastes is a black void of scorched metal and irradiated rock 100 light years away from habitable space. At the center of the prison sits the Dead Star, a gigantic red giant which has been corrupted by dark antimatter. Your goal will be to fight for control of the prison, which will earn you fame and rewards based upon how you perform when you fight.


Your combat skills will determine whether you become another dead pilot, or become the most infamous pilot in the galaxy. The Wastes will be a never-ending battle for survival. It's a brutal war between psychopaths and criminals, tearing each other apart for whatever piece of technology they can get their hands on. However, they aren't the only threat, the Dead Star the Wastes resides upon is collapsing. The end result will be a supernova which will destroy all living beings within a dozen light-years.

Dead Star will have support for many unique play styles. The game will feature a variety of ships that come with unique abilities. All ships in the game can be unlocked and upgraded in the middle of any match. You won't be limited to head-on combat either. Dead Star will offer players multiple roles in combat. From defensive positions such as mining, to base upgrading and offensive roles such as long-range scouting and control-point capture, Dead Star will ensure every player has their skills put to good use. Dead Star also ensures players will have to plan and use unique strategies with every map. Instead of a limited set of static maps, Dead Star will come with a procedural map generation system that will create multiple randomized scenarios in every match. In addition to this, players will be able to vote on where the next match will take place. Also announced is a secret upcoming game mode, which will allow players to dynamically impact live, ongoing player matches in a unique way. When Dead Star launches, how will you play?