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MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104 Review: An Ergonomic and Practical Gaming Keyboard


When prospective PC gamers build their very first gaming rig, most of the thought process that goes into assembling it is poured straight into hardware selection. To stay within a budget, many will avoid shelling out more money than they need to, so they'll short themselves when it comes to peripherals.

Eventually, doubt and regret will set in. The keyboard might be slightly too wide, keys you'll need to use in your favorite MMORPG will be inconveniently positioned, and you'll soon find yourself wishing for features your keyboard just doesn't have.

MOTOSPEED's Inflictor CK104 is the answer to those problems. On the surface, the Inflictor is a minimalist keyboard - which some would assume means that it is lacking in size and features expected from gaming keyboards. However, the truth of this keyboard is nothing at all like that. The design, on top of being sleek and modern, is wholly ergonomic and the Inflictor simply takes up as much space as it needs. Every task the Inflictor needs to meet can be done through function key (Fn) combinations, which is expanded on by its attractive and configurable LED lights.

The basic functions - volume control, multimedia play/stop/skip, and various shortcuts - can be found from the F1 to F12 keys. Aside from that, though, the Inflictor comes with a sizable number of LED presets that I thought were amazingly helpful for PC gamers. A function key combination allowed me to cycle through impressive light shows right underneath my fingertips. There are built-in presets for competitive games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends that only highlight the keys needed in those games, as well as some other, generic presets for certain game genres. There are many more presets that can be used, such as a setting that lights up individual keys as you press them with random colors, rainbow and wave settings, and other settings that made me feel like my keyboard was coming to life. Every preset can be adjusted for brightness, speed, and toggled modes. It's worth noting that this is all done without the use of any software.


The Inflictor has an impressive aesthetic display, but it's certainly not lacking in functionality and overall design. Across the 17-inch width, the Inflictor sports an aluminum alloy back panel that, despite my best efforts, has not given in to damage or wear and tear. The Inflictor weighs in at 1.87 pounds (0.85 kilograms) which is surprising given its relatively small size, though that just goes to show for the materials used and the overall durability of the keyboard.

Each key's location is very convenient, which makes for easier key binding in every single PC game, particularly MMORPGs and other games that utilize a large number of keys. The Inflictor's key layout improved my MMORPG experience significantly as each key was closer to my hand's usual position.

The Inflictor has consistently felt responsive and I've never once had a problem with inputting commands across all of the games I've played while using the Inflictor. Each key uses Outemu Blue mechanical switches which aids in responsiveness while giving a truly mechanical feel. Each switch has a lifetime of 50,000,000 presses.

The Inflictor also doesn't suffer from ghosting as it has full n-key rollover support. Any number of key combinations can be used without experiencing ghosting while using the Inflictor. In addition, it also features a Windows key lock to avoid accidentally tabbing out of games by pressing the Windows key.

Though the Inflictor does not have a hand rest, it does have anti-slip pads at the bottom of the keyboard that, in conjunction with its weight, almost eliminates keyboard movement completely.

A lot of keyboards are labeled as "gaming keyboards," but few come close to the intuitive and competent MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104. From its minimalist design, sleek and modern appearance, and its responsive, tactile keys and functions, I can say that the Inflictor is truly a keyboard designed with gamers in mind.

Thank you to GearBest for sending this product our way! Be sure to check them out for some great deals, including a sale for the MOTOSPEED Inflictor CK104.
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