Following on from the success of the previous Overwatch in-game events, Summer Games and the Halloween Event, it's been teased that the fans can come to expect more events in the future. Although it wasn't mentioned when the next event would be, it's predicted we won't get another event until Christmas time, however only time will tell.

The CEO of Blizzard, the team behind Overwatch, Mike Morhaime spoke about the success of the game whilst at a recent earnings call;

"The two events that we've had so far have shown us we have a great model for follow-on content," he explained. "We've found that it stimulates our audience and drives record engagement, so you should expect to see more events, like summer games and Halloween, and additional content, which we'll discuss in more detail later. We're very excited about the prospects for the future."


The most recent event Halloween Event was a huge success for Blizzard, seeing as it allowed players to spend money on new in-game content without the developers needing to release a whole new expansion pack. However, it seems that not all fans were happy with the latest event, seeing as it ended sooner than was scheduled. This led to outrage amongst the community, however I'm sure things will be smoothed over now that they've announced more events in the future - As long as these new events don't early, that is.

Along side the news of more events, it was also announced that Overwatch had amassed 20 Million registered players! This does not mean that the game has sold this many copies, however it is still a very impressive stat for the company. Overwatch has become the quickest game ever for Blizzard, to hit this figure - Which is extremely impressive.

As well as this, there was an image posted on Blizzard's store that showed images of the currently unreleased character 'Sombra'. You can read more about this supposed leak in this article, on the homepage.

What did you make of the in-game events? Are you excited for the new events that we're able to expect? Are you surprised about Overwath hitting 20 million players? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamespot