Following the free golden gun DLC that came out yesterday, 2K Games today launched even more extra content for Mafia III that doesn't cost anything. Eleven new outfits for main character Lincoln Clay are available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Six of these are outfits he wore at different parts of the campaign, while the other five are brand-new. These include military gear, a business suit, and a racing jacket, among others. Watch the video below to see some of the new outfits as they appear in the game.

The new outfits are available in Mafia III when you reach the "Somethin' I've Got to Do" mission. At this point, they can be found in the wardrobe section of your safehouse or any racket hideout that you've gained control over.

Arriving alongside the new clothing options today is a patch for all platforms that makes the following updates:

  • UI improvements
  • Improved car reflections
  • Improved streaming issues
  • Performance optimization
  • Fixed audio issues
  • Fixed some cases of savegame corruption
  • Fixed various issues for Cassandra's Contraband missions

In a blog post, publisher 2K Games said it plans to continue to support Mafia III into the future with further updates as well as even more free content. Three paid story expansions are also on the way.

Source: GameSpot