Bungie has revealed some further tidbits regarding Destiny's upcoming Festival of the Lost. It's also released some new merchandise online tied to the event.

The Festival of the Lost event page has gone live on Bungie's website, expanding on what an announcement video (above) teased last week. Social spaces the Reef and Iron Temple will both join the Tower with Halloween-themed decorations. You'll get to go trick-or-treating again like last year, and all Crucible matches will be played with nighttime settings.

Completing quests and opening Treasures of the Lost will reward you with masks (both new ones and old ones from last year). As noted previously, the most recent patch introduced a new Holiday collection kiosk where you can recover event items like masks. This spares you the trouble of taking up inventory space with those you want to save.

The page also affords a better look at some of the items that will be up for grabs during the event. In additions to masks and two new Ornaments for Bad Juju (with more for other guns on the way), there's a new sparrow, respawn animations, and more. Among the new Ghost shells is one that drapes a cloth over it, allowing your Ghost to dress up like a ghost.

Alongside the event, which kicks off on October 25 and runs until November 8, Bungie has added new merchandise to its online store. Most notable is the set of adult-sized papercraft masks based on those in Festival of the Lost. You can either purchase PDF versions you can print and make yourself, or PDF versions along with pre-printed sheets that are mailed to you. Either way, you'll need things like paper glue and a ruler to put them together.

The Resurrectionist emblem

Other items included in the Festival of the Lost collection are not tied directly to the event. There's a set of weapon pins, an Iron Lords sigil pin, a Mega Bloks Hunter figure (currently sold out), and a Rise of Iron pin set. If you buy any of these, you'll receive a free in-game emblem called Resurrectionist, which you can get a peek at in the image above.

Following Festival of the Lost, Destiny fans can expect to see the return of the Sparrow Racing League, albeit with some changes.

Source: GameSpot