Let's face it. There's a very large amount of people on the internet with some sort of ad block software installed on their device and/or browser. Who want's to be bugged by ads? In addition to ad blocking software removing pesky annoying popups, on-site advertisements and other ad related media, it also removes ads from video streaming sites, like YouTube. There might be some of you who even just have ad blocking software to avoid watching 'annoying' video ads. Well, it looks like Google has an interesting approach to removing those ads for you.

Following the success of YouTube Music Key Beta and YouTube Kids, it seems another interesting feature will be coming to Google's video streaming service. This new feature, which will essentially allow users to pay to have an ad free experience on YouTube, has come to light after an interesting email sent out to partners this month. Allowing users to remove ads is another one of Google's "bold new steps to bring these experiences to life." Google has being working hard at making their video streaming service available at any time, in any location, and on any device.

As of right now, no information is available regarding how much this feature will actually cost to use, other than it will be a monthly subscription. And for those of you who might be freaking out that you're not going to be able to use YouTube, don't worry. This feature will be completely optional. If you like seeing the ads or don't particularly care whether they're there or not, then you have nothing to worry about. However, this feature is great news for YouTube Partners, as the new feature will help "generate a new source of revenue that will supplement fast growing advertising revenue."

Personally, I think this will be an interesting thing to see unfold. Mainly because there are already so many ways to prevent yourself for seeing ads on the internet without having to pay. What do you guys think? Anyone think they're going be even slightly considering purchasing this feature? How much do you think it'll cost? Let us know in the comments below! Also, thanks to Jedi for the topic.

Source: SlashGear