Capcom has revealed some more details on the recently announced Switch version of Monster Hunter XX. The game is scheduled to arrive in Japan this summer on August 25. The physical release will retail for ¥5,800 ($52), while the digital version will cost slightly less at ¥5,546. ($49.82).

Monster Hunter XX was initially released for 3DS back in March. The upcoming Switch version features the same content, but now supports 1080p resolution when docked and 720p in handheld mode. Like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which released simultaneously for both 3DS and Wii U, players can transfer their save data from the 3DS game to the new Switch version, and vice-versa. Likewise. Monster Hunter Generations players can transfer their saves to the Switch game, though this data cannot be transferred back. The Switch version also supports cross-play with the 3DS title, though it's strictly limited to online sessions; up to four Switch players can play together either locally or online, however.

Capcom also revealed a special edition Switch bundle, which will launch alongside the game in Japan on August 25. The bundle retails for ¥36,280 ($325.87) and includes a copy of Monster Hunter XX along with a special Monster Hunter-themed Switch dock.

Monster Hunter continues to remain one of the most influential franchises in Japan. After the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX was revealed, Nintendo's market value experienced another jump, closing at ¥33,510 ($301.27). The company's share price had already been trending upward thanks in part to demand around its new Switch console, but Monster Hunter's announcement helped push Nintendo's market value to its highest point since October 2008.

Capcom hasn't announced if it plans to localize Monster Hunter XX, though nearly every recent installment in the series has eventually made its way to the West.

Source: GameSpot