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Monster Hunter World's PS4-Exclusive Limited Time DLC

Monster Hunter World launches for PS4 and Xbox One in just one more day, but PS4 players will have some additional content right from the outset....
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    Monster Hunter World launches for PS4 and Xbox One in just one more day, but PS4 players will have some additional content right from the outset. On the official Japanese Monster Hunter World website, Capcom confirmed that the first quest to get the PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn armor will be available at launch, but it won't be around for very long.

    Beginning tomorrow, January 26, PS4 players will be able to embark on the first part of the Horizon Zero Dawn event quest. You'll need to attain a Hunter Rank of 6 or higher in order to accept the quest, which has you hunting eight Barnos. After completing the mission, you'll obtain materials that can be forged into Horizon-themed armor for your Palico companion.

    The first part of the Horizon event quest will only be available until February 9, giving players a limited time to rank up and obtain the Palico armor. It will be followed by the second part of the event at an unspecified date. While Capcom hasn't announced the details of that quest yet, it will reward players with materials to craft Horizon protagonist Aloy's bow and armor.

    The Horizon Zero Dawn armor isn't the only exclusive content Capcom has offered PS4 owners. Over the past few weeks, the company has held several Monster Hunter World beta tests that were available only on PS4, the most recent of which took place last weekend and gave players a chance to hunt Monster Hunter World's fearsome cover monster, the Nergigante.

    Capcom has regularly released crossover DLC items for past Monster Hunter titles; the series' 3DS installments received weapons and armor based on the Legend of Zelda, while a set of retro Mega Man Palico armor is also coming to Monster Hunter World. The first free DLC for Monster Hunter World is scheduled to arrive in spring and adds the Deviljho. However, players who want to play Monster Hunter World online and download any DLC will need to install a day-one update, which adds online features (as well as the adorable Poogies).

    Source: GameSpot

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