Capcom has rolled out a new update for Monster Hunter World on PS4 and Xbox One. This marks the fourth major one the game has received since it launched for the consoles earlier this year, and it introduces a variety of Final Fantasy XIV-inspired content, including a fearsome new monster to hunt: Behemoth.

The iconic Final Fantasy boss has invaded the New World, making this the first time in Monster Hunter's history that a monster from another video game series has been featured in one of its titles. Behemoth is a particularly challenging foe; as Capcom advises on the PlayStation Blog, players will need to employ MMO-style strategies and designate tank, attacker, and support roles among the group to weather the beast's onslaught and succeed.


Behemoth also has some unique tricks in its repertoire that make it an especially fearsome monster to battle. Its Enmity causes it to focus on and "relentlessly" attack a particular target. It can also unleash the Ecliptic Meteor, a devastating attack that will cause players to instantly faint if struck. According to Capcom, the only way to avoid this blow is to hide behind smaller meteors that were summoned by Behemoth during the battle.

In addition to Behemoth, the update introduces a new set of weapons and gear inspired by the Dragoon class from Final Fantasy XIV. Players will also be able to get their hands on a new Palico gear set that turns the feline companions into a Moogle, while Cactuars can be found around the environment and even used as traps.

Source: GameSpot