A fearsome new threat is coming very soon to Monster Hunter World. Capcom has announced that the Elder Dragon Lunastra will be added to the co-op action RPG, and she'll arrive alongside a new set of gear and other content in a free update tonight, May 30.

Unlike the recently introduced Kulve Taroth, Lunastra is a returning Elder Dragon, originally appearing in the series' 2006 installment, Monster Hunter 2. Known as "the Empress of Flame," Lunastra is the counterpart of Teostra, and she can fight alongside her mate and "bond" with him to unleash powerful attacks.

"The Empress of Flame returns with new tricks and unique abilities to challenge even the most seasoned hunters," Capcom said in an update on its official blog. "Not only is she more aggressive than her male companion Teostra, but her capacity to alter the environment around her is unmatched."

With Lunastra's arrival, players will be able to craft two new armor sets: Lunastra α and Lunastra β. Players will also be able to forge new weapons and a set of Palico gear using the material they gather from the Elder Dragon. According to Capcom, these materials "seem to be resonating strangely with materials from other monsters," particularly those from Nergigante and Xeno'jiiva. You can take a look at some screenshots of the new armor and weapons below.

Lunastra won't be the only new monster players will be able to encounter in Monster Hunter World. Capcom will also introduce "Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons," which are even more powerful variants of the Tempered Elder Dragons. Capcom says to "stay tuned for more updates on the rise of these cataclysmic threats."

The Lunastra update rolls out for PS4 and Xbox One tonight, May 30, at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. You can find the full patch notes for the update on the Monster Hunter World website. In the meantime, players can still participate in the returning Kulve Taroth Siege. That quest will be available in the rotation until the Lunastra update arrives tonight.

Source: GameSpot