Rumor Modern Warfare Remastered requires Infinite Warfare disc insert, says fine print

Activision is coupling Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with Modern Warfare Remastered and for obvious reasons: Make any enthusiasm for a landmark...
  1. Owen S. Good
    UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that Infinite Warfare is required to access Modern Warfare Remastered.

    Source: Activision

    Activision is coupling Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with Modern Warfare Remastered and for obvious reasons: Make any enthusiasm for a landmark game on new hardware also work for the latest entry in a storyline facing more skepticism than hype. Now CoD watchdog Charlie Intel has more information on just how tight that bundling will be.

    Call of Duty's official website now lists this fine print: "Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download (game disc must be inserted to play Modern Warfare Remastered)." Charlie Intel says the language is new.

    Modern Warfare Remastered is a digital download only and is only offered through of the special editions of Infinite Warfare (not the $59.99 base game). It's not sold online separately and, if this news is any indication, that likely will not happen for sometime, if ever. Requiring a disc insert for a digital product also implies that Modern Warfare Remastered is accessible only through Infinite Warfare itself, though it's unclear for sure.

    We've reached out to an Activision rep for clarification.

    This may not seem like a big deal to some, particularly those with no plans to buy Infinite Warfare anyway. But it is news in that some hardcore Call of Duty fans were pondering acquiring the special edition, keeping Modern Warfare Remastered and either trading in the remainder or selling it on the gray market. That appears to be impossible with this requirement in place. Obviously, digital purchases shouldn't face a similar constraint; nor can they be resold.

    Source: Polygon

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  1. 3xTiNcT
    Not surprised at all.
  2. x1lover
    and people need to quit b****ing. you're getting a $120 value for $90 it's not that bad of a deal honestly. quit complaining and adapt. you claim you're good at the game then adapt like good players actually do.
  3. FrazzleFrazer
    I wonder how many people are buying the version with cod4, if it was a stupidly small number that would suck for the people that bought it. Releasing it on its own would be so much better, I would pay full price again just for cod 4 on it's own. Without mod menus and infections it would be interesting to play it on a level playing field.
  4. Vino
    I'm not really surprised, this is Activision we're talking about here. Hopefully they'll realize that this isn't what most are asking for and will sell it as a standalone.
  5. Harry
    This is how they're going to successfully kill the series. They need to release COD4 Remaster as a standalone, otherwise they will suffer with sales.
  6. XxProGlitcherxX
    If Activision would do like Ubisoft does (taking a couple of years off to polish their game) then maybe more People would buy the crap they sell. If you ask me, IW looks like a redesign of AW and Bo3, just way worse. I feel like IW is just way to high Tech, when it comes to all the abilities etc.
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  7. josh11770
    Because they Realized 90% of people were going to get the special edition then immediately get rid of the crap they call Infinite warfare and keep the good game that its attached to, so they added IW as a ball and diamond chain that can't be broken...
  8. x1lover
    um actually this is true it's confirmed because the Remaster is accessed through the Infinite Warfare Disc/digital license for the game so if you get rid of the disc you can't really play it can you?
  9. Keeley Hazell
    I doubt it.. they'll definitely come around. I decided I'm going to get it from the start even though I will never touch Infinite Warfare.. reason being my Birthday is a few days before so it's not like I'll be spending my own $ :tongue:
  10. CallummL