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Modern Warfare 3 DLC images released

By the looks of it, Modern Warfare 3's DLC will be arriving right on time, scheduled for release on 24th January for Premium Call of Duty: Elite members. Regular Call of Duty fanatics will receive the content as well, just at a later time. It has been sited that from January until September, Premium Call of Duty Elite members will receive nine consecutive months of Modern Warfare 3 DLC. During this nine month period it is believed that we can expect "at least 20 content drops." Whether it be new maps, new Spec Ops missions, new playlists, perhaps even a gun pack this time around, who knows, but we'll soon find out.

As for the images released today: The maps are set in Italy and Central Park. "Piazza" is a tight and winding map set in Italy, whilst the other map, "Liberation" is a militarised Central Park, supposedly a Sniper's dream. So without further ado, let's reveal the images:


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