Call of Duty: Black Ops III modding tools are coming in 2016 for the PC. Treyarch and Activision announced this in their recent blog post, which can be found here. PC modding has been a huge topic ever since it happened in the first couple Call of Duties years ago. Treyarch states that mod tools have been "one of the top requests" from players and are excited to be including it in the next Call of Duty for PC. Treyarch has big plans in mind for the PC edition of Black Ops III and some of these plans are:
  • Players will be able to create maps, game modes, and much more.
  • Treyarch will be including Unranked Dedicated Server Files with tools so players will be able to run servers with modded content anywhere they desire.
  • Treyarch will provide an Unranked Server Browser so players can easily find and join servers that contain modded content on them.
  • Closed Alpha will be available for this version. The targeted date will be somewhere in March 2016.
These plans are currently unfinished and they could result in change as time goes on because of issues related to modding support. Treyarch does state that software development and others things could not always work out as planned. Sometimes features get dropped for bigger and better ideas as they try to find the best way to please their fans. Moving forward, Treyarch will share more details and information about the tools as we get closer to the closed beta.

What do you think about PC modding in Black Ops III? Do you think Treyarch will be able to pull off these plans? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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