Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 2 Out Now!

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    To those fond of donning your favorite, iconic character skins on your Minecraft avatar whilst contemplating on what to build next on Minecraft, you may sport a smile on your face. Skin Pack 2 is now available on Xbox Live wearing a cheap price tag of only 2 dollars (160 Microsoft Points.) This skin pack adds a tremendous amount of exclusive skins from several recognizable franchises in the gaming universe. Take a gander at the list below and perhaps let it sway your decision on whether or not this skin pack is worth the purchase!

    1. Enderman Man

    2. Pig Man

    3. Sheep Man

    4. n***d Sheep Man

    5. Spider Man

    6. General Akamoto

    7. Otus

    8. Meat Boy

    9. Agent Coblat

    10. Zapp

    11. Buzz

    12. Glorg

    13. The Player

    14. Spelunky Guy

    15. Green Knight

    16. Orange Knight

    17. Blue Knight

    18. Red Knight

    19. Marcus Fenix

    20. Skorge

    21. Anya Stroud

    22. Damon Baird

    23. Joanna Dark

    24. Joanna Dark

    25. Joanna Dark

    26. Elvis

    27. Juno

    28. Vela

    29. Lupus

    30. Horstachio

    31. Pretztail

    32. Fizzlybear

    33. Bill

    34. Louis

    35. Francis

    36. Zoey

    37. Hunter

    38. Boomer

    39. Witch

    40. Agent Level 5

    41. Pilot

    42. Sailor

    43. Pirate

    44. Ninja

    45. Elf

    Will you be purchasing Skin Pack 2 anytime soon?

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