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Minecraft retail release announced

  1. Alex
    The oh-so popular game Minecraft took the PC gaming community by storm back in 2011. In early 2012, it was announced that the game would be coming to Xbox Live Arcade, and since releasing it, it has broken records across the board. Now Microsoft, namely Major Nelson, has announced that the game will now be shipped on disc for the Xbox 360. Here is the information provided.

    To be honest this has been a long time coming. Originally it was thought Minecraft was to be shipped on disc and not over XBL. I think this will crank Minecraft's extraordinary sales numbers up again, and that this will also bring the popular game to those who do not have a PC or an internet connection - which has been a problem Mojang and 4J studios have been looking to address.​
    So who is looking forward to a retail release, if you already have it downloaded will you buy it on disc and for what reason? Please share your comments below.​

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