Minecraft PC Sales Pass 20M, New Console Patch, & DLC

Mojang prepares to release a new update & DLC on the console version of Minecraft after the PC version reaches a milestone of 20 Million copies of...
  1. Visio
    That's right, there are some new updates for the console versions of Minecraft! Starting July 1st, all the console versions of Minecraft will get a free update to version 1.17/TU25/CU14. It includes many new features and items in the game. This update is celebrating the PC Version of the game passing an amazing milestone of 20 million copies sold. This update will not only add new items but will add many new features that will make the console version seem more comparable to the Java version.

    Below are some highlights of the new features.
    • You will now be able to use the PC version of the crafting table that everyone loves.
    • You now can change the game mode, difficulty, time, player spawns positions, cave sounds, and weather without having to quit the game.
    • You can now customize super flat worlds so they fit your profiling and are only as vertical as you would like.
    This update also comes shipped with plenty of new items and item variations, such as new wood types and doors. These new items will help all you builders and red stone users. Here are the highlights!

    • Oak, Spruce, Jungle, and Birch variations of Fences, Gates, and Doors.
    • Iron trapdoors
    • Inverted Daylight Sensors
    • Book & Quills
    • Stained Glass
    As for the DLC, the Minecon 2015 Skin Pack will hit the stores on both consoles starting July 1st and only be available to download for free for 15 days.

    There also is a DLC exclusive to the PlayStation version of the game. This DLC is a new LittleBigPlanet pack that brings new skins, creatures, music, and textures. This mash-up pack will be on sale starting July 1st and cost £3.29/€3.99/$4.43.

    That wraps up this update of Minecraft and hopefully there will be more to come soon! Also don't forget to snag your free Minecon skins while they are out!

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  1. jason blenden
    how you do that

    and that is so funny
  2. Tfsfan
    Personally I think 4J screwed us over, this is definately NOT 6 months worth of udate material, at least for a game like minecraft, not to mention the fact that several of the things 4J said would be in the next "big" update for minecraft (before July 1st) did not appear at all, no new biomes, no new mobs, no amplified worlds, in fact the only 3 things 4J promised would be in the update were, Stained glass items, Custom Superflat, and new doors, this update is miniscule at best, the people at 4J are either doing one of two things either A) they have had the update completed and are releasing one half before minecon and the other half directly after, or B) they did what little was in the update then spent their time on twitter posting mostly useless BS as usual.
    1. Adolfin
      The reason they take as long as they do could be because they are currently developing 5 different versions of the game. Updating each version can't be an easy task.
  3. Adolfin
    People got really mad over the minecon capes issue since they have become a collectors item within the community over the years after visiting the mincon conventions. But now anyone on consoles can get them which really upset a lot of people.
  4. Fighter F35
    All updates are free though....
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  5. Kankuro
    I still don't see all the hype behind this game.
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    2. Kankuro
      Yea, not a fan lol
    3. Project116
      Agree. I don't know where is the fun playing this game.
    4. (-_-)
      Not fun when you play by yourself.