Minecraft will be getting a marketplace for player-made content this spring with an update for mobile and Windows 10 PC. On the marketplace, approved creators will be able to sell things like maps and texture packs to other players and take home a portion of the profits. Partner creators at launch include Blockworks, a group that makes RPG-style maps, and Eneija Silverleaf, a popular pixel artist who makes skins for the game.

Players on mobile and PC will be able to buy and download the content with Minecraft Coins, which work similarly to currencies in other mobile games. An Xbox Live Silver or Gold account will be required to buy on the marketplace.

The Discovery update for Minecraft is also bringing things like treasure maps and the much-requested ability to change your bed color. It also introduces new Enchantments, including Frostwalking, which lets you walk on water, and Mending, which keeps your sword sharp.

Mojang has also confirmed that if you locate a hidden forest mansion and defeat the monsters within it, you'll receive the "Totem of Undying" that keeps you alive when you should otherwise have perished.

Source: GameSpot