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Minecraft for the Next-Gens Is Just around the Corner

Minecraft was one of the most popular games last generation. It has been the top selling game on PC and is the second best selling game across all platforms. Mojang plans to expand Minecraft into the new generation of consoles by bringing the game to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.

Last week there was a rumor going around that all three of these versions will be released on the 19th. Unfortunately, it seems like the PlayStation 4 version may be the only one we can expect that early. Earlier this week, 4JStudios, the team behind the console versions of Minecraft, tweeted that they handed the game off to Sony for a “final test”. Assuming this test doesn’t take long, the 19th still seems like a reasonable date for the Ps4. This, however, isn’t the story for the Xbox and Vita versions.

The same day 4J tweeted about the PlayStation version being done, they also said they are still “fixing” the Xbox One and Vita versions, and they will let us know when it’s done. Personally, I believe the delay may have something to do with the fact that the Xbox doesn’t support OpenGL, the graphics API used for Minecraft on PC, while the PlayStation 4 does. Even if this is the case, it wouldn’t explain the Vita delay since it supports OpenGL. Either way, a release on the 19th seems highly unlikely for these consoles.

While the release dates are still up in the air, there is some information we do know about these new versions. Much like previous versions, the game will cost $19.99 (USD) for new players. However, if you previously played on a console from the last generation you can upgrade to the next-gen version for only $4.99. Returning players also have the option to import saves, skins, and textures packs. Earlier this month, Mojang also stated they were thinking of bringing Realms, their server system used on PC, to the Xbox One. It seems unlikely that this would be a Xbox exclusive, but Mojang hasn’t said anything about Realms since then.

The newer versions will have a lot more to offer compared to the previous generations. 4J has already confirmed the worlds will be bigger and we can assume the graphics will be improved. Notch also confirmed the Vita version will play at 60FPS, so it seems like the new versions are also getting a performance overhaul. Even if the Vita and Xbox versions take longer than the PlayStation 4 version, Minecraft will still be enjoyable for almost any gamer no matter what their console of choice is.

Sources: Metro, Wikipedia, 4JStudios, notch, 4JStudios, TotalXbox, EPoochTimes

Update: The Ps4 version actually failed the final testing. This most likely means we can see all three versions to come out at the same time.

Source: 4JStudios
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