Microsoft just announced what might be the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. If you guys and gals happen to remember the Hololens that Microsoft is developing for Virtual Reality based gaming, you're definitely not going to forget it after seeing what they're doing on Minecraft with the device. At today's E3 presentation, they announced that they will be making a special version of Minecraft just for the Hololens.

Now at first, you might just think boo, another Minecraft port! However, you might want to check out Minecraft running on the Hololens below. There has been a lack of "wow!" at the last few E3 conferences, but this one definitely takes the cake.

You might not be sure what you're looking at right away, so let's clear it up a little bit. During the demonstration, there was a device strapped to the camera that would show the viewers what would be seen while playing Minecraft on the Hololens. To anyone not wearing the Hololens, it seemed as if the demonstrator was just staring at the table, touching thin air. However, by looking through the Hololens, and looking at what the camera was showing the viewers, we can see that they literally are playing a 3D version of Minecraft on the table. He has access to all of the Xbox consoles commands, and is able to manipulate the world with his hands.

The Hololens also allowed for seamless multiplayer with another user on a Surface tablet. This was yet another demonstration by Microsoft during E3 of the cross-system multiplayer that will be coming with Windows 10 for Xbox later this year.

You can also check out this video to get a better understanding of how Minecraft will look on the Hololens. However, keep in mind that what is seen in the video is most likely going to be slightly different from the actual product. It was rather similar, though.

This is definitely something crazy, and might have even won E3 for Microsoft this year. They've really raised the bar for Sony. Let us know what you think about the Hololens running Minecraft and what you think Sony can do to counter this incredible feat.