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Minecraft 360 Goodies Inbound


What may come as a pleasant care package from the generous arms of 4J Studios, owners of the Xbox 360 verison of Minecraft will soon be treated to the delightful repertoire that is to be Minecraft's first character skin packs. Coming in a spectacular selection of 40 skins per pack, Minecraft fans and enthusiasts alike will be able to both enjoy a sizeable wardrobe that comes at a steal by Microsoft standards. At 160 Microsoft Points per pack, players will be able to effectively purchase a promised 200+ skins for their Minecraft avatars for only a meager 10 dollars.

Details have been pouring steadily as to what certain skins will be featured in these packs, and let's just say the pocket change will be well worth it. Players will be able to enjoy donning a Master Chief skin whilst building Minecraft Halos in the pixelated skies of Overworld, or for those who prefer a little nautical adventure, players will be able to play as Squidman. Clayton Carmine, Creepman (a resemblance of the Creeper), and many other memorable and recognizable entries into the Minecraft and Xbox 360 library will be ready for players to equip upon purchase.

Additionally, mind you that this package will available in less than 5 days according to 4J Studios considering they slapped a 10 day wait tag on this marvelous content on July 3rd. Nevertheless, will you be purchasing this package? Some attractive skins will be shown below but, for those wanting to see more skins, visit the link provided below this article!

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