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Minecraft 1.8.2 Update Coming Soon

Ever since the introduction of shears to the Xbox version of Minecraft fans of the franchise have been eagerly anticipating this update. For what some expected to take a matter of weeks to implement, the 1.8.3 patch is almost upon us. “About time”, some will say. Others will just be glad to see some new dynamics added to the game. Whatever the circumstance, I’m sure everyone will welcome the update.

4J Studios today have graced us with some nice new screenshots and a video entailing what’s to come in the near future. The update will see fans with some new environments to explore and a hunger mechanic to add to the thrill of survival. Screenshots detail a ravine, stronghold, village and an abandoned mineshaft for all of you crafters to mine away at.

The accompanying video shows a hunger system next to the life bar. As time wears on good old Steve, he will become ever hungrier. Keep him full to ensure your health and speed won’t taking a bashing. With true developer consideration 4J Studios have decided to add some new foodstuffs into the mix - just to spice up our blocky, virtual diets. Melon slices, chicken and beef (both with their raw and cooked counterparts) will be added to the game. Seeds will also be added to aid in farming.

The estimated time of arrival for the update is the 28th of September, however if the update doesn’t happen dead on the date do not fret, it’ll more than certainly be out by mid-October. It will be free for all who have Minecraft downloaded to their hard drives.

Personally, I haven’t been on my Xbox (nor 7S) for ages, so I can’t really comment on this. It’s nice to see that the game I’ve only ever managed to have fleeting affairs with is starting to fill out a bit more. How do you feel about this news? Leave your comments below.

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