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Microtransaction Pricing Revealed for Halo 5's REQ System


In the world of video games today, microtransactions have not only been something of a trend, they've been nearly unavoidable. Microtransactions often give players the ability to purchase additional and sometimes exclusive customization options in many games, and has now become a crucial part of the business model for several hit games. Whether or not you're fan of this model, the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians is going to be using it to provide its players with a second option for purchasing REQ Packs.

REQ Packs offer REQs (requisitions) and are purchasable via REQ Points (RP) which can be earned through Warzone and Arena matches. The REQ packs will provide rewards in the form of unlockable armor and weapon skin customization, as well as one-time use cards that can be brought into Warzone to wreak havoc on the opposing team. To use the REQs in Warzone, the player must accumulate a certain Level and Energy to actually be able to call their REQs forth into the fray.

REQ Points can be earned through multiplayer, in average increments of about 2,000 RP per Warzone match. 343 Industries has recently revealed just how much RP or money players will need to be able to collect and stock up on REQs so they can get their desired armor and weapon variants.


Bronze: Bronze REQ Packs will cost 1,250 RP and will include common, single-use REQs and sometimes permanent REQs if there are still some that need to be unlocked.

Silver: Silver REQ Packs are going to be sold for 5,000 RP or $1.99 per pack, and will come with common to rare REQs, as well as two permanent REQs.

Gold: The most expensive REQ Pack is going to be available for 10,000 RP or $2.99 each, which will give players access to a large number of REQs, including two new permanent REQs.

The Warzone REQ Bundle included in the Limited Edition of the game will give players two Premium REQ Packs every week for seven weeks total, adding up to a sum of 14 Premium REQ Packs. These packs will have a heightened chance of rarer REQs and a larger number of REQs total. This bundle can be purchased separately for $24.99 if the player has not ordered the Limited Edition version of the game.

Developers 343 Industries have already been met with criticism before they revealed their pricing, and will likely face more backlash for adopting this approach to business. Time will tell if Halo 5: Guardians and the microtransactions are worth it when it drops worldwide on October, 27. If you're planning on picking it up, are you also making plans to buy some of their REQ Packs, or do you think their decision to add microtransactions is going to ruin the game? Let me know in the comments below!

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