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Microsoft's Virtual Reality Headset, The HoloLens


Today at the Windows 10 event in Washington, Microsoft announced their upcoming wireless virtual reality headset, the HoloLens. The HoloLens works alongside Microsoft's new holographic technology which includes the Windows 10 operating system built inside. How does this differ from other virtual reality headsets? Well, the HoloLens is built with transparent lenses to give the illusion of images and objects being displayed around the user. Microsoft have also included advanced audio systems and sensors to give users the best virtual reality experience possible.

According to Microsoft, The HoloLens features a powerful CPU and GPU with an all new processing unit called the "holographic processing unit.". The holographic processor was designed to read the data about the user's surroundings while being able to handle the ability to recognize hand motions. The HoloLens will also be able to perform simple tasks such as voice recognition. Because of the new holographic processor, the HoloLens will have the ability to process several terabytes of data in a matter of seconds. Microsoft showed off the HoloLens running Minecraft to showcase different ways the HoloLens can be used.

Microsoft also debuted their new program, Holo Studio. Holo Studio is a program which allows users to create and customize their own holograms and essentially print them in 3D and apply them to the real world. Microsoft also showcased a simple quadcopter to give an example of what to look forward too. As of now, these three-dimensional models can only be seen by the user wearing the headset. Microsoft explained the difficulties of integrating those images into someone's everyday life. Unfortunately, we will not be seeing technology such as the HoloLens on the shelves for a long time. Microsoft explained that the HoloLens will be available within the next five years.

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