Reported by OXM, Microsoft have apparently ceased charging developers for what has been hinted at a 40,000$ fee for every title update released after a developer's first free title update. This was only being done for Xbox 360 games and Arcade games. The fee was originally in place to assure that developers made there game as bug free as possible prior to release, but it also slowed down updates as well due to the fee. It remains to be seen if this will also be the case with the Xbox One but i can only assume that it will be.​
Some developers actually refused to issue updates to a game if it had issues due to the fee, one example is Fez, the developer refused to issue an update to fix a problem that was causing a small amount of user's saves to be corrupted. For a developer like that 40,000$ can be a lot of money, for a developer such as Treyarch it would be chump change.​
What does this mean for the users? Well hopefully we should see more frequent title updates, and quicker bug fixes than before as now developers won't feel the need to bundle them all into a single update just to save money, they can now push them out much quicker than before which is good for everybody :smile:
Myself I think this is a big step for Microsoft and should make a lot of users happy, because nothing upsets me more than a game with a bunch of bugs and a title update that's nowhere in site. How do you guys feel about it? I'll be shocked if anybody thinks this is a stupid idea, but hey we're all entitled to our own opinions.​