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Microsoft Showcases Xbox One S at E3, Announces Project Scorpio

After a lot of buildup and a leak, the Xbox One S has finally been given official details right before its E3 showcasing. With a size reduction,...
  1. Casp
    A while ago I wrote about rumors of a new, updated Xbox One console that was smaller, 4K-capable, and more polished. According to a thread on NeoGAF, these aren't just rumors anymore. The Xbox One S is a very real thing, and it looks like the Xbox One is going to be getting a huge makeover in both a physical sense and with respect to actual performance. It has a much sleeker design and looks profoundly less clunky and clumsy than the original Xbox One, and an even sleeker controller to come along with it. From the looks of it, you can pre-order it at some time in the near future, perhaps when Microsoft showcases it at E3.

    One of the major complaints people had about the original Xbox One was the fact that it was incredibly bulky and in-the-way for most gamers. The Xbox One S will have a magnitude reduction of about 40%, and it will have a little less width than the original console's ratio. A large part of this size reduction will be the ridding of the AC adapter's power brick, which was admittedly pretty big. The power brick will be an internal part of the console instead. The console is also going to be white with a pattern on the casing, which will add an extra aesthetic flair to the console. It is also shaped more like... well, a box, than its ancestor. It appears it will also come with a vertical stand, and when it's standing vertically, it looks way too much like a Nintendo Wii.

    A few other portions of last month's leak have also been confirmed. The console will be 4K-capable and will also support High Dynamic Range, which is a form of photography where the same image is reproduced with multiple different lighting techniques to find the optimal amount of lighting for the image. Obviously, the aesthetic Xbox One S experience is going to be something extraordinary with this kind of capability. The 4K experience will mostly apply to less hyperactive images, like videos and other streaming devices, and not games yet. This console is also supposed to come with a 2TB hard drive, far surpassing its predecessor's 500GB HDD.

    Hopefully, current Xbox One owners will be able to trade in their current console in favor of this shiny new one. It'll add a large incentive to actually purchase this new one, since the price of it is probably far greater than its predecessor.

    The Xbox One S is to be showcased at E3 this year, and this article will be updated with any forthcoming reveals.

    The controller of the Xbox One S will be updated as well. The new controller will be given the same fresh white coat as the console, and there will be some new textured grips on the back of the controller. There will also be an addition of Bluetooth to the controller, adding more wireless range and the ability to use the wireless controller with a Windows device.

    A limited edition version of the Xbox One S will be available in August with the 2TB hard drive for $399. After that, two standard editions will come out, a 1TB one for $349, and a 500GB one for $299.


    Alongside the unveiling of the Xbox One S, Microsoft confirmed the existence of a new 2017 console, nicknamed Project Scorpio. Microsoft has had this one up their sleeve for a while now, burning with anticipation to release the details. From the looks of it, there will be significant technological advances with this console that will deliver a fully 4K-gaming experience, complete with total VR integration.

    Project Scorpio is extremely focused on an impeccable aesthetic experience, with hardware upgrades that are pretty colossal. The system will feature 8 cores, 320GB memory bandwidth, and six teraflops of performance, which should bring the 4K gaming experience to life. It's not just going to be simple 2160p either; it's the real deal. This is obviously going to be really taxing on the hardware that's used here, since the most advanced graphics cards have difficulty running 2160p at 60FPS. Microsoft is ambitious enough to not only throw 4K gaming into the ring, but also a "no compromise" 60FPS experience. Because of all of these staggering graphical improvements, Microsoft is obviously adding in VR support to the new console, potentially HTC Vive integration.


    The 2017 console is going to be backwards compatible with the One an the One S, so you won't need to buy any extra cables or controllers when purchasing the new console, which doesn't have a concrete price on it yet.


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  1. Negan
    This xbox one will be amazing, cant wait to try it
      Jigoku Shonen likes this.
  2. II{-_-}II
    Definitely need a new controller, but I'll wait and see the 2017 console and pass on this. Not enough improvements for people with the original X1s and if you buy this you might need to again a year later for the 4k gaming.
    1. Red58
      It's going to be upscaled to 4K, not natively rendered in 4K. Basically, they're stretching the image to fix that resolution, not be that resolution. Therefore the detail isn't there, making it almost pointless to play in "4K" on the Xbox One S
  3. ZacOnCrac
    Throw a GTX 1080 in there, then I'll be happy
      Adam88 2nd likes this.
    1. GH0ST_OP
      The scorpio will have a gpu close to the gtx 1070. Which is better than a titan x.
      ZacOnCrac likes this.
    2. Red58
      Will you? The GTX 1080 by itself is $600 for the base model. Not to mention you'd still have to pay for the rest of the components in the console, you'd probably be paying upwards of $1000, maybe more, for the entire console.
      ZacOnCrac likes this.
    3. ZacOnCrac
      Exactly, but it'd be a damn good one
      Financially for Microsoft it wouldn't be viable though
  4. 3xTiNcT
    A new console in 2017 too? Damn...
  5. Orginal
    Huh now we know why the 'white' one is 40% 'smaller' hehe.
      RGF, Jigoku Shonen and Adam88 2nd like this.
  6. Red
      Sosuke Aizen and Jacob Frye like this.
    1. Jacob Frye
      Thanks for sharing. :smile:
    2. Sosuke Aizen
      Thanks & your Crystal Version Typhlosion Avvy is awesome! C:
  7. Beardyman
    Hoping to pick mine up early August for the launch, before the price skyrockets to £349 lol. Apparently the 2TB Launch Edition console will be sold at £280 to begin with? Read this online, so I'm not sure if it's entirely true.

    I like the idea of having an integrated power supply, neat idea from Microsoft.
    1. Skepta
      You'll have to let me know if you see it at that price.
    2. Beardyman
      I have a feeling it's a rumour, but I guess we'll have to wait until the launch day in August.
      Skepta likes this.
  8. Xx ChEEZE iTz xX
    I think it looks ugly tbh
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. GH0ST_OP
      The XB1 has come a long ways since release in terms of reliability and ease of access/features. I like the XB1 for its simplicity, average consumers are more likely to buy a console than a gaming pc. The exclusives are iffy. Also I love the feel of the XB1 controller. I have a high end PC as well. So I can pick and choose.
      Cheeze Its likes this.
    3. Apollo
      The new Xbox One boasts more than just looks; It comes with a 2TB HDD on-board, therefor getting rid of the hassle of buying an external hard drive / modding the hard drive yourself, and it also introduces the ability of 4K video support.
      GH0ST_OP Cheeze Its
      Keeley Hazell likes this.
    4. Keeley Hazell
      ^ True but I've already spent loads of $ on my Xbox One so I'm definitely gonna pass.. although it's definitely an upgrade from the current brick of a system lol. Since all Xbox Exclusives are for PC I'm probably just going to invest in a really nice desktop.
      Jigoku Shonen and Apollo like this.
  9. GH0ST_OP
    The current Xbox one already boasts a 8 core CPU, so I wonder if it will just have higher clock speed. Also the GPU would be close to a GTX 1070 at 6tflops.

    I think I'm sold at this point!
  10. goss34
    PC master race, where are you?
    1. GH0ST_OP
      If the price is right then they will have little to nothing to brag about!
      Adam88 2nd likes this.