Microsoft Reveals June's Games With Gold Lineup

With May coming to a close and June fast approaching, Microsoft has revealed its free games for next month. As per usual, there are four free...
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    With May coming to a close and June fast approaching, Microsoft has revealed its free games for next month. As per usual, there are four free games available during June, as well as one game from last month that will remain available until half-way through the month, that being Costume Quest 2. As well as the fact that the two free games that will be available on the Xbox 360 will also be available on the Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

    The first game available to Xbox One users is Goat Simulator, which will can be downloaded June 1-30. Goat Simulator is an open-world game where the player controls a goat, and has the freedom to run, jump, bash, and lick objects in a large city. Goat Simulator is usually $10, but will be free for the month of June. The second game for Xbox One owners is The Crew, which will be available June 16-July 15. The Crew is an open-world racing game that takes place all over the United States. It would usually run you $30, but this month, it's on Microsoft.

    Xbox 360 gamers will be able to grab Super Meat Boy as the first free game, which will be free June 1-15. In this game you control Meat Boy, and can play through three hundred different levels, (as well as user created levels) on a quest to help him save his girlfriend. The game has been heralded for it's fun, quick gameplay, as well as its difficulty. The game usually costs $15, but you can snag it for free this month. The second game for Xbox 360 users is XCOM: Enemy Unknown, available June 16-30. XCOM is a turn-based tactical strategy game, in which you control an advanced army to help take back the earth from aliens. The game is $40 retail, but don't forget, both of these games are also available on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

    What do you think about the games this month? Are they better than last month? Or are they not really titles you're interested in? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. OGVolt
    Xbox 360 is putting terrible games for free games of the month, remember when they put out good games? Like assasians creed black flag and other games like halo reach now it's just garbage!
      6uapo likes this.
  2. Dbunny
    Great read! Super Meat Boy gameplay reminds me of burger boss from Bob's Burgers... Haha
  3. D1ZZUL
    Light up a joint and put on goat simulator. Trust me you'll be amused for hours, was disappointed with mmorpg so happy to get the original for free :smile:
      Mr Kibbles likes this.
    1. Mr Kibbles
      Forget hours, I will be amused for months!
  4. ohmyitsmrrob
    The Crew sounds like fun. Goat simulator on the other hand I could probably do without.
  5. David Bowie
    Can't wait for the crew considering I've got a racing wheel! That's a pretty good lineup in my opinion.
  6. 3xTiNcT
    Actually kind of excited for The Crew. I've heard a lot of good things about it.
      David Bowie likes this.
  7. criminal akademiks
    Not a bad line up. Might grab Goat Simulator for fun and Super Meat Boy as well.
  8. AlienFreek01
    Actually nice games. Cool
  9. Dabs
    I hope they do black ops 2 soon.
    1. RagingEnferno
      Not a chance.
      Jigoku Shonen likes this.
    2. StrawberryKills
      Would be nice but MS are not gunna fork out a load of money, they usually do games that are dead, sometimes a good one
      sirprize10 likes this.
  10. goss34
    Always wanted to try The Crew, never thought it was worth my money though. Lucky I get to have it!