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Microsoft Offering 100$ Incentive to Upgrade from XP


It's very clear that Microsoft wants it's large base of XP users to make the transition to Windows 7 or 8. Microsoft is now offering 100$ off any PC over 599$ found in the Microsoft store for those still using machines with XP. While I highly doubt that many users of this forum are still on XP, it's very likely that you have family members who still use it, and would be interested in this deal.

More than just a discount, this will help users get onto the more secure Windows 7 and 8 platforms, which is quite important considering XP will stop receiving security updates on April 8th of this year. Additionally, Microsoft is giving a generous 90 days of support and have their data transferred from XP to their new machine for free.

How do you feel about Microsoft pushing for XP users to change their computers? Is this just an attempt to make some cash, or is Microsoft actually concerned about the customer? Personally, I believe that Microsoft is trying to avoid potential lawsuits, or general trouble from its userbase. I feel like they're worried that they'll be blamed for any trouble on the users' end once support is dropped. Regardless, let us know how you feel below.
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