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Microsoft looking for "Super Creator" to work on next generation of hardware


A few days ago, Microsoft posted a job listing in need of a "Super Creator." This "Super Creator" is needed to "create next generation entertainment hardware for Microsoft." This listing only points in a few ways: The possibilities could include a product similar to Sony's Playstation TV, A plausible yet unlikely hand held machine, the next generation Xbox console or a Xbox One Slim design. Microsoft and its Xbox One are currently falling behind Sony, and its Playstation 4 in consoles sold, so this new hardware could be the turning point in the on going console wars.

The original advertisement was posted on July 10th, and it was edited on July the 14th. The key change was in the original listing. The job description had a string of text which read "we are looking for passionate designers who want to help us create next generation entertainment hardware for Microsoft." This text was later changed to the following to remove any mention of "next generation." It was changed to "we are looking for passionate designers to help create new Devices and experiences for Microsoft." This means that in turn, we may actually not be seeing the development of the next generation Xbox as soon as we thought, or instead, we could see something to counter Sony's Playstation TV or maybe something handheld. Another possibility is Microsoft is covering up its tracks and keeping a new project under wraps. Something gamer's wish Microsoft would do is develop a counter to Sony's Playstation Vita. Microsoft has previously looked to the Windows Phone as a comparison, but most gamer's didn't jump onto that bandwagon, and ultimately the Windows Phone did not live up to Microsoft's dreams of it being a gaming device alongside a phone.

Yet another possibility for this job listing is the option for a Xbox One redesign. This seemingly looming redesign would make the now bulky Xbox One "slim" and look more appealing. We have seen the similar thing with the Xbox 360, twice to be exact. At first it was redesigned into a glossy black console with a few upgrades to help with temperature balance and it was redesigned again last year to look like a downgraded example of an Xbox One. Sony has also done the same thing with the Playstation 3 a few time's as well. An Xbox One redesign is to be expected so we can only wonder if this is what the job listing is for.

Microsoft has to really set themselves apart, and been thinking big to ultimately win the console wars. Sony and its Playstation 4 are currently winning the console wars, but Microsoft is catching up with with upcoming exclusives such as Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5. This new product will really need to be amazing, and like I said earlier, It may decide if the Xbox One will finally take the lead in these never ending console wars, or if it will continue to loom around in the Playstation 4's shadow.

What do you guy's think this new device could be? Leave your predictions down below.

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