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Rumor Microsoft Band 2 Leaked


Sometime yesterday, an article about the alleged Microsoft Band 2 went up on on Microsoftinsider.es, a Spanish website based off of reporting news about the latest and greatest in the world of Microsoft. In this article, we had the chance to check out a few alleged pictures of the new device that has been code named "Envoy." These pictures allowed us to get a better understanding of what makes this model different compared to the original that came out nearly 11 months ago. The article ended off by saying that we would learn more about the product at the conference Microsoft is holding on October 6th.

As I stated earlier, the original Microsoft Band was released on October 30th, 2014. The concept behind it was to offer a fitness tracking device with smartwatch like capabilities. The Microsoft Band was received fairly well but it had a few prominent complaints. Many users complained that the smartwatch was very uncomfortable and that it doesn't exactly know its own purpose. Although, it is capable of doing many things that don't exactly apply to the health and fitness crowd that it was targeted towards. Microsoft must have at the very least resolved the first complaint about it being very uncomfortable. According to the article and the pictures provided, the new device has a curved screen and better ergonomics, which should in theory make the device more comfortable on your wrist.


The Band 2 is also allegedly going to be able to measure the "height of an exercise" by including a new sensor in this model. Nobody is quite sure what that means but the example given in the article was going up and down stairs, so one would assume it measures something along the lines of how much altitude you have risen during your workout. The Band 2 will also receive a slight cosmetic change according to the pictures, including a metallic accent along the side of the device. The new model also seems to hold onto the same two button design.

More information is expected to be given to us at the conference that Microsoft is holding on October 6th. What do you think? Will you be buying the Band 2? Leave your thoughts down below!

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