Rumor Microsoft Attempts Monopolization of Modern PC Gaming

With the recent addition of UWP, the monopolization of the modern pc gaming community may become a reality. The pros and cons of having a monopoly...
  1. Claws

    In the world of gaming, technological advances are being made every single day. Some of these advances are good, but some have a darker side. Recently there has been a lot of talk concerning Microsoft's change in direction involving the UWP (Universal Windows Platform). Though a unified game ecosystem such as this has many benefits, there are also some scary and unwanted side affects that can come from it.

    The basic idea behind UWP is to create an all-in-one platform that connects tablets, computers, VR headsets and more, together in one giant ecosystem. UWP will be much different from what we have today in the current win32 API system. As of now, downloading applications off the internet that are currently on the Windows Store is relatively easy because of the way it was designed. The major design change to the system that Windows will be implementing is essentially a giant wall to keep everything that's inside the store in. Seems simple enough given that developers don't have to go that route if they don't want to.

    This is where the monopolization really starts to take shape. Many tools that are inside the UWP application are only available to developers who choose to sell their apps exclusively on the Windows Store. The main, most enticing tool allows developers to automatically port their game from windows 10 to every other system included in the UWP. This means that developers would only have to type out code once and it would be available across many different platforms, which is a vast improvement over the current porting methods. Not only that, but included deep within the code of the game will be settings that are deliberately hard to find, put there by Windows to block users that aren't using the Windows Store from downloading or updating apps. If you manage to figure out a way past it, Microsoft can revoke it at any time with its forced-update process.

    The UWP isn't all bad though, it also has some major bonuses. It may be within a walled off ecosystem, but the simple and fast porting features will allow developers to spend more time and money on creating a better, fuller game that spans across many platforms, something that was a very hard feat to accomplish previously. With the new addition of the dev app on Xbox One, the introduction of many new indie-games will be in full swing.

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  1. Shenmue
    i thought it was highly illegal to monopolize ???
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    2. goss34
      Not all monopolies are illegal. For example, a government run city transit has a monopoly.
    3. Claws
      Gas, electricity and water monopolies are government regulated to stop them from running high prices
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    4. Shenmue
      ahh okays thanks guys :smile:
  2. AlienFreek01
    What's bad about it at all
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    2. AlienFreek01
      Ohhh ok I didn't get that out of the article. Thanks for clearin that up...

      But, you know as well as I do, the majority of game developers would rather not partner with windows in this idea. From the looks, Steam is much more simple than Windows' new market. The only way I consider this becoming a problem is if large game publishers such as Activision agreed to selling there game on the Windows Market, but, as I stated before, I can't see this being a problem.
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    3. Claws
      The thing is, the tools that windows gives them allows them do things a lot easier
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    4. AlienFreek01
      Agreed, but I feel like the tools are going to be a lot different than promised. Nothing with Microsoft is quite as they say
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  3. 3xTiNcT
    Doesn't sound that bad to me.. I guess probably because I don't really use it.
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    1. Claws
      The fact that we will have to go through the windows store for any game which allows them to control the prices. They can rise and lower the prices and have no competition.
    2. HexDecimal
      Claws Can't Steam do the same thing?
    3. Claws
      With things like origin, g2a, etc, no. There will always be a cheaper market.with this they're forcefully taking the market with shady practices and unfair deals
  4. HexDecimal
    I really don't feel they are trying to monopolize the market. The current go-to gaming store is Steam, they control a huge amount of the market. Yes, I know Origin, U-play, etc exist, but they are nothing compared to Steam. I think people are mistaking Microsoft's aggressive strategy to break into the market as a path toward monopolize. UWP is closed source, same goes for Windows and the Xbox, but I think it will slowly up open as people voice their concerns. Take modding for example, at first there was no plan for it in UWP, people voiced how they wanted modding and Microsoft is taking steps in that direction. I believe Microsoft will adapt this to best support their customers.
  5. televisedfool
    Microsoft is really banking on Win 10 and their UWP.. Hopefully it doesn't turn around and bite them in the arse. They have a lot to lose with this after their loses from when they banked in on GFWL and it was disastrous.